Victorian Active Ageing Partnership

MOVE muscle, bone & joint health is coordinating the Victorian Active Ageing Partnership (VAAP) which is supported by the Victorian Government. MOVE is undertaking the project in collaboration with Fitness Australia and Monash University.

The purpose of the VAAP is to increase opportunities for participation in physical activity for older Victorians, especially in areas of socio-economic disadvantage and among isolated, lonely older people not currently involved in physical activity.

The VAAP started in October 2015 and will run for three years. Please click on the following links for further information about the project:

Who is the VAAP?

The VAAP is your organisation and other organisations that provide physical activity opportunities for older people. 

MOVE is the lead partner of the VAAP Coordination Team in conjunction with Fitness Australia and Monash University. 

A Project Advisory Group is being convened to provide experience and sector-based knowledge and advice to assist with promoting, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the VAAP. Read more

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How your organisation will benefit from the VAAP

Some of the anticipated outcomes and benefits of the VAAP include:

  • Developing an evidence-based best practice framework for the engagement of older people in physical activity
  • Increasing awareness of current initiatives and activities as well as relevant resources and strategies
  • Developing and improving knowledge of assisted/referral pathways to support the involvement of older people in physical activity, especially those not currently participating

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How you can become involved

You and your organisation can become involved by:

  • Subscribing to the VAAP eNewsletter to stay informed of key initiatives within the VAAP project and the latest research and developments in the area of physical activity and older people. Subscribe here.
  • Informing your colleagues and network about the VAAP. For example, by including a short item in your organisation’s next newsletter or eNewsletter and also encouraging them to sign up to the VAAP e-newsletter
  • Contribute to the VAAP e-newsletter^:
    • Send us a brief article (and photo) of the work you and your organisation are doing in the area of physical activity opportunities for older people
    • Share your specific strategies and approaches for engaging older people in physical activity so that others can follow your lead
    • Let us know of professional development opportunities (specifically relating to older people and physical activity) we can promote to others in the sector
      ^Pending editorial acceptance and approval
  • Attend the VAAP Annual Research and Practice Forum on 24 August 2017 (further details will be forthcoming)

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Meet the members of the VAAP Coordination Team

Gen Nolan

Ms Genevieve Nolan 
Manager, Victorian Active Ageing Partnership

Gen has worked at MOVE since September 2011 in the role of Programs Manager, Policy, Information and Programs Unit and has principal responsibility for the coordination of MOVE's  suite of training and education programs. Prior to MOVE, Gen worked in various roles within the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. With her extensive experience in project and program management, Gen will have overall responsibility for the successful implementation and completion of the VAAP project.

Renee desilva

Ms Renee de Silva 
Coordinator, Victorian Active Ageing Partnership

Renee has worked at MOVE since 2010 in the role of Programs Coordination and Promotions Officer and more recently, Health Promotion and Training Coordinator. Over this time, Renee has been one of MOVE's principal educators and trainers and has played a key role in training program development, monitoring and evaluation. She has also had a major involvement in the delivery of MOVE's physical activity leader training programs. Renee will work closely with Gen in managing the VAAP project and will play a major role in implementing many of the key strategies outlined in the project plan.   


Ben Smith

Assoc Prof Ben Smith 
Project Advisor representing Monash University, Victorian Active Ageing Partnership

Ben is a Senior Lecturer, Health Science in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University. Ben has 20 years’ experience in physical activity research, evidence synthesis, program evaluation and training. Examples of his contributions to this field include being a member of the expert drafting panel for National Heart Foundation’s 2014 update of the ‘Blue Print for an Active Australia’, as a trainer for Monash University’s five-day Health Promotion Short Course 2008-2014 and as a previous Director of the NSW Centre for Physical Activity and Health, University of Sydney. Within the VAAP project, Ben will lead the development of the project’s monitoring and evaluation plan, undertake evidence syntheses, as well as a qualitative study regarding older people who are ‘hard to reach’ in relation to engagement in physical activity.


Craig Knox photoMr Craig Knox
Project Advisor representing Fitness Australia, Victorian Active Ageing Partnership

Craig Knox is the General Manager at Fitness Australia, the Health and Fitness Industry Association. His experience in exercise science, health promotion and association management has spanned professional practice, business and management positions across public and private sector environments. Craig was formerly the Executive Officer of Fitness Victoria, was a member of the inaugural Executive Management Team at Fitness Australia and remains the Australian Director of the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals. 

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Contact the VAAP Coordination Team

If you wish to contact the VAAP Coordination Team, please contact Renee de Silva as follows:

Phone:  03 8531 8048

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