Workplace Giving

Workplace giving helps millions to make a MOVE

Workplace giving programs make an invaluable contribution to MOVE muscle, bone & joint health. Regular donations via your payroll system mean that every dollar goes even further toward achieving better muscle, bone and joint health the 6.1 million Australians affected – that's because your regular gifts keep administration costs low and allow us to plan more effectively.

How your Workplace Giving program can help 

Through a workplace giving program, we can work together to make a difference to the lives of people living with these debilitating conditions – conditions for which there is currently no cure.  

  • $500     Nordic walking team-leader training for one term
  • $700     Spreads our message for public awareness campaigns
  • $1,000 Helps train our program leaders
  • $2,000 Buys vital library resources
  • $5,000 Funds a Help Line nurse for one month
  • $7,000 Supports a research project

Find out more about Workplace Giving

For more information please contact 

Gabi Massey
Marketing and Supporter Coordinator
03 8531 8011


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