“You often feel very desperate and alone and I think that’s
what a lot of people don’t realise”.

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Shannyn thought the aches and pains she was experiencing throughout her first pregnancy were a normal part of the process. But she was wrong. Three weeks before the birth of her baby she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). She was only 33 years old.

During her second pregnancy things went from bad to worse. Shannyn was bedridden for most of her pregnancy. Her condition put an enormous strain on her relationship with her partner, and it wasn’t long before they separated.

“I was alone with two tiny children to care for while trying to manage the pain and fatigue that comes with RA. I felt completely desperate and the pressure of my situation left me feeling extremely vulnerable.”

Shannyn’s hands were badly affected and she was in constant pain. She was worried and frightened about how she was going to care for her baby when she couldn’t even use her hands. Because she was breastfeeding she couldn’t take her usual medications as they could have had a detrimental effect on her baby.

MOVE is here to help mothers like Shannyn who face the daily struggles of living with the pain and uncertainty of arthritis while trying to care for and look after their family.

“Trying to cope with very young children and manage my chronic pain was at times unbearable.”

The impact that conditions such as RA can have on a person can be devastating.

This is why we need your support so that we can provide help through our National Help Line and continue to develop important resources such as Managing your pain: An A-Z guide.

Throughout Shannyn’s journey she found there was a lack of information and understanding for women in her position. MOVE listened and together we developed a video from interviews Shannyn had with women in similar situations.

Shannyn and other mums with RA ask you to support MOVE by making a donation today to help us provide vital information and support.

Help us to help young people with arthritis access up-to-date information on pregnancy planning, pregnancy and early parenting. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy this very special time of their life.

MOVE is here to help.

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