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As part of the MOVE  Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2015-2019, we are offering PhD scholarships for applicants who intend to pursue research in musculoskeletal (MSK) health.

The 2018 Funding Round opens on Monday 3 July 2017 and closes at COB Monday 4 September 2017. 

The objectives of the grants are:

  • to support researchers in producing high quality evidence to help individuals with or at risk of developing a musculoskeletal condition(s) and
  • to translate existing or new evidence in MSK research into practise. 

Scholarships will be awarded through a competitive process based on merit of the individual, and administered through an Australian university.

The research may be undertaken in a hospital, research institute, relevant industry clinic or university provided it meets the MOVE requirements for a suitable research environment. For further information please see the Guidelines and Funding Rules.

The duration of each scholarship is three years. Announcements will be made for each funding round on the MOVE research web pages.  Applications will only be accepted during the specified period using the required form. We will not run the funding scheme every year. If you wish to be notified of the funding round timetable when it becomes available please register your interest at

Currently, a minimum of two scholarships are available within the five year budget. Additional scholarships are dependent on co-funding with strategic partners.

To be eligible to apply for a PhD scholarship, you must: 

  • be an Australian citizen or have permanent residency status,
  • have obtained an Australian Bachelor’s Degree with Honours (or equivalent qualification) in a relevant area of study including science, medicine or health related field within:
    • the last five years, or 
    • the last ten years if you are a recent medical graduate with further clinical training for fellowship to a specialist medical college

If you're interested in partnering with MOVE to support scholarships please contact us.

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